The story about FM Merch

Too many hours have been spent playing CM and FM during the years. For me it was 99/00 that really got me hooked even if I did play it some years earlier aswell. Still remember how I managed to get both Javier Saviola and Pablo Aimar to Porto on the first season. But Saviola and Aimar did have pretty good careers in real life and therefore never became the FM legends that you will find in this shop.
Roncatto, Tsigalko, Tonton, Samba, Todorov, Madeira- you know them all. They have all had an impact in our lives. Either you played with them and conqurered the world or your friend signed them and beat you on that long lasting save...

In this shop we bring them back, we want you to wear them as an honour to them, to CM/FM and to that specific save that you remember.
We aim to create stylish and discrete merch that you can wear in your every day life, but still visible enough to really show the FM brotherhood that you are part of it. It might even get you free beers at the pub (it has happened).

We will keep adding more legends. Are you missing any that you would like to purchase, please reach out and we will make it available.

This store is a side business to the Swedish company Tidestream AB.

Best of luck with your current save and we hope that you will play it wearing some new merch from us.